What is Compliance-Center?

Compliance Center is the online training portal of WS Datenschutz GmbH. The content is created, maintained and kept up to date by experienced lawyers and compliance experts.

Do I have to attend these trainings?

Your participation in online training courses on compliance topics is one of your ancillary duties under your employment contract, and attendance is therefore mandatory.

Why did I receive this email?

You have received this email because your employer is required by various laws and regulations to make its employees aware of various compliance issues.

What does compliance mean?

Compliance is the generic term for the adherence of companies to rules, i.e. the observance of laws, guidelines and voluntary codes.

Will my employees be automatically retrained once a year?

No. The purchase of a new license is required for retraining; however, our student management automatically reminds you as soon as retraining sessions are due. You can then decide for yourself whether you want to carry out those retrainings.

How do I register my employees for online training?

To do this, simply log into your student management and submit your employees’ data to us there – either individually or as a CSV file. Our system will do the rest for you: Your employees are immediately invited by e-mail and asked to first answer a short questionnaire. These results are then used to automatically assign them to the required online training courses.